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Packaging Ruby 2 Code with RubyGems

by Rag Dhiman

This course will teach you how to package your Ruby code as RubyGems for sharing with other Ruby applications, allowing you to maintain and manage it centrally.

What you'll learn

How do you share your Ruby code across multiple Ruby applications while maintaining and managing the code in one central place? In this course, Packaging Ruby Code with RubyGems, you’ll learn how to share your Ruby Code using RubyGems. First, you’ll explore what RubyGems are. Next, you’ll discover how to package your own code into a RubyGem. Finally, you’ll learn how to publish your RubyGem for internal or external consumption. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of RubyGems needed to share your Ruby code consistently and reliably across your applications.

About the author

Software development consultant, specialising in software architecture, Agile development methodologies and using the cloud as your software development platform alongside your on-premise infrastructure.

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