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Building a Ruby on Rails 7 Development Environment

by Raphael Alampay

Part of being a good programmer is having the right tools and setup to maximize efficiency in delivering software. This course will teach you the essential tools, libraries and setup for making sure that your development experience will be as convenient and as streamlined as possible.

What you'll learn

When starting out your project in Rails, a lot of complexities have to be surpassed first before you start writing code which includes of course installing Ruby (and Rails), your editor and the tools to test your code out. In this course, Building a Ruby on Rails Development Environment, you’ll learn to set up an efficient and productive set of tools to streamline the development process. First, you’ll explore how to manage the different Ruby versions on your system as well as the tools needed to start writing code. Next, you’ll discover how to put these tools together so it’s easy to start writing the moment you sit down and start working on some code which includes installing plugins and bootstrapping a project. Finally, you’ll learn how to personalize your setup with a pipeline and with a single command, boot up everything you need to start working. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to create your own development environment. This will increase your productivity when writing code for Rails needed to deliver a solid software product for your end users in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

About the author

Raphael Alampay is the co-founder of Cloudband Solutions Co., a software development and consultancy company that caters to custom based software for SME around the globe. Using time and tested technology such as Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PostgreSQL and Linux, he has a passion for creating applications that solve real world problems making businesses more efficient and innovative at the same time. His craft in software is largely based on the philosophy of "kaizen" which means continuous impr... more

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