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Administering the Salesforce Desktop and Mobile Applications

by Otto Warner

Turbo-charge your sales team with the Salesforce mobile app and Outlook email integration. This course will teach you how to enable and configure both the mobile and desktop Salesforce applications.

What you'll learn

Managing your Salesforce app configurations can be a challenge. In this course, “Administering the Salesforce Desktop and Mobile Applications,” you’ll learn to deploy and configure the Salesforce/Outlook integration, as well as the Salesforce mobile app for Android/iOS. First, you’ll explore where the app configuration details live, and what they can control in your Admin tools. Next, you’ll discover how to make changes to the mobile app’s branding elements, notification settings, and tool access. Finally, you’ll learn how to enable and administer the Salesforce/MS Outlook integration. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of a Salesforce administrator needed to configure and manage Salesforce Outlook integration and mobile apps.

Table of contents

About the author

Otto has over ten years of experience in digital marketing process and technology implementations. His career has spanned from supporting small and micro businesses to get started with email marketing, founding and running a web.development company, and consulting on enterprise implementations of Marketing Automation Platforms. His broad experience has allowed him to bring insight and context into the real world use of marketing technology

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