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Salesforce Administration: Object Manager and Lightning App Builder

by Adrien Sacco

The specifics of your business should be an integral part of your Salesforce configuration. This course will teach you how to customize Salesforce by managing the fields, the business processes, and the views your users are presented with.

What you'll learn

Salesforce is much more than just a preconfigured database; in fact it is a very powerful software capable of adjusting itself to your business needs and flexibly. In this course, Salesforce Administration: Object Manager and Lightning App Builder, you’ll learn to administer your Salesforce database and its related views using the Object Manager and the Lightning App Builder. First, you’ll discover objects and fields in Salesforce, and how those can be customized. Next, you’ll explore the standard default objects and fields available in both Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds. Finally, you’ll learn how to design business processes for your company by leveraging page layouts, record pages, record types, and business processes. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Salesforce Administration needed to customize the tables, fields, and user views of your Salesforce organization to your company’s exact needs.

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Course Overview

About the author

Adrien Sacco is a Salesforce Certified Professional and Consultant, with 10+ years of experience implementing CRMs and Marketing Automation technology. He is extremely passionate in helping others learn what they need to succeed in their career.

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