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Salesforce Administration: Productivity and Collaboration

by Adrien Sacco

Ensuring your users have a productive experience is key to their adoption of Salesforce. This course will teach you how to administer the different features Salesforce offers to help your users collaborate and be productive.

What you'll learn

Employees of every company face an ever-increasing amount of tools to help them be productive, which leads to a lot of confusion as to what to use and when. In this course, Salesforce Administration: Productivity and Collaboration, you’ll learn to leverage the productivity and collaboration tools offered by Salesforce to centralize the employee experience directly on Salesforce. First, you’ll explore how to help your users manage their day-to-day activities with Tasks, Events, and the Orchestrator. Next, you'll figure out how to use the AppExchange to find new exciting possibilities to help your users. Then, you’ll discover how to configure Chatter to enable contextual discussions between your users without leaving Salesforce. Finally, you’ll learn how to configure the Salesforce mobile app in order to empower your employees on-the-go with Salesforce at their fingertips. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the productivity and collaboration tools offered by Salesforce needed to provide your users with a stellar experience.

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About the author

Adrien Sacco is a Salesforce Certified Professional and Consultant, with 10+ years of experience implementing CRMs and Marketing Automation technology. He is extremely passionate in helping others learn what they need to succeed in their career.

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