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Salesforce Development: Testing, Debugging, and Deployment

by Adam Olshansky

This course will teach you the different ways to test, debug, and deploy on Salesforce. It will go in depth on each one, cover why they’re important, and give you some tips for expanding your full developer repertoire.

What you'll learn

While most developers love writing logic and like to think they don’t make mistakes, there are a few key skills needed before a developer is truly ready to contribute. In this course, Salesforce Development: Testing, Debugging, and Deployment, you’ll learn to master the skills needed to get your working code into production orgs. First, you’ll explore how to test your code and get the required code coverage. Next, you’ll discover how to anticipate and troubleshoot issues by debugging your code. Finally, you’ll learn how to deploy your code through your various environments and make it to production. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of testing, debugging, and deployment needed to take your coding abilities to the finish line and get your working code into production.

About the author

Adam is a 17X Certified Salesforce Engineer and Salesforce MVP Hall of Famer who works as a Salesforce Technical Architect at Google. He is passionate about teaching people about developing on the Salesforce Platform. He is a 11X RAD Women coach, working as a gender equality ally to help teach Salesforce development to female Salesforce administrators. He has presented at 7 Dreamforce conferences as well as several other conferences around the world including places such as Uruguay, India, and t... more

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