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Salesforce Platform for Developers: The Big Picture

by Don Robins

In this course developers will learn about the depth and breadth of the Salesforce Platform, the many opportunities available across its multi-dimensional landscape, and how to align them to their development skills, experience, and domain interests.

What you'll learn

There is a common belief that opportunities for Salesforce developers are limited to building and supporting only Customer Relationship Management applications, but the platform yields much more than just that. In this course, Salesforce Platform for Developers: The Big Picture, you’ll learn about the depth and breadth of the full Salesforce Platform, its evolution to date over 20 years incorporating more than 60 product acquisitions, and the diverse opportunities where sophisticated development skills and experience are greatly needed by the growing customer base. These include modern web and mobile application development; security and functional configuration and maintenance; and data and process integration across a varied landscape of multiple business and technical domains using general-purpose development skills and traditional programming languages. By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll know where you can best focus your attention on developer opportunities that best match your particular skills and experience with a platform that offers endless opportunities.

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About the author

Don Robins is a well known Salesforce MVP, instructor, author, and speaker. A custom business application developer for more decades than he cares to admit, he focuses on Salesforce technical instruction and knowledge sharing. Certified as a Platform II Developer and an award winning Salesforce Instructor, he's presented and taught at annual Dreamforce conferences since 2010. He delivers Salesforce developer classes and workshops around the US and abroad, and manages a team of instructors ... more

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