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Salesforce Platform Fundamentals for Developers

by Mehdi Maujood

Developing effectively on the Salesforce Platform requires a strong grasp of the platform fundamentals. This course will teach you the basic principles and strategies for success when building applications with Salesforce.

What you'll learn

Building software on the Salesforce Platform can cut down development time from months to days, but it requires a unique approach. In this course, Salesforce Platform Fundamentals for Developers, you'll learn why the platform can be so powerful. First, you'll review fundamentals that software developers would need to know to build successful solutions using Salesforce.

Next, you'll dive into learning about the Salesforce database and see how it differs from conventional databases. Next, you'll learn about the database-driven user interface including custom-coded and point-and-click customizations. Then, you'll explore how and when to extend applications using code. Finally, you'll learn about the robust permissions and sharing model.

When you’re finished with this course, you'll have the knowledge to design solutions on the Salesforce Platform.

About the author

Mehdi loves building software. He also loves teaching. That is why he's super stoked about being a part of Pluralsight! He began his career writing software for companies like Toyota, Lamborghini and Nestle. He fell in love with JavaScript and .NET during this time (and also fell in love with his now wife and her dog) and later also worked extensively with Salesforce. Today, he enjoys being part of some of the most exciting Salesforce implementations in the world.

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