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Oct 9, 2015
2h 32m

Have you ever wondered about how to start learning SAP, but you refused to start it because others always say it's too hard? Do you spend a lots of time filling up the same selection fields in your regular reports over and over again? Do you perform time-wasting operations like filtering, drill-down, aggregation, and sorting in your regular ALV reports every single time? This course introduces SAP and helps you experience it in a simple way, explained in everyday language. If you already use SAP day to day, but you didn’t receive enough help at beginning, you might have a few bad habits that slow down your work. This course fills these gaps by learning the practical usage of SAP GUI.

About the author
About the author

Alex is an ABAP Developer and Trainer with over 6 years of experience. He is a member of Expertise-Team, a consulting, training, and software development company (, a group of SAP professionals developing in SAP Business Warehouse, Business Objects systems, programming with ABAP and delivering Mobile solutions.

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Section Introduction Transcripts
Section Introduction Transcripts

Introduction to SAP
Hey, this is Alex, and now you're watching the next module of SAP: Getting Started, called Introduction to SAP. Have you ever been wondering about why we need ERP systems and what their purposes are? Have you ever been curious about how SAP evolved up to now, who is a market leader today in enterprise software manufacturing, and helping tons of customers running their businesses better. You do believe that SAP is an ERP system and nothing more? Or have you ever been confused in connection with any SAP solutions? If yes, then keep watching, because in this module I will demonstrate to you how harmful the point solutions can be for a business, and I will also demonstrate how ERP systems can solve this problem. After that, I will introduce you how one of the biggest ERP manufacturer companies, the SAP, evolved up to now, by showing the most remarkable moments of its history. I will also convince you about that SAP is much, much more than an ERP manufacturer, and I will also help you getting through the wilderness of the SAP solutions and give you a clear overview about them. First, let's talk about what ERP is and how life with or without ERP systems are.

Technical Overview of SAP Systems
Hey, this is Alex, and now you're watching the next module of SAP: Getting Started called Technical Overview of SAP Systems. On my classroom trainings I often receive questions like this, I work in SAP every day using my computer, but does it really run on my computer? Or when I open SAP I need to choose among the different SAP systems, development, test, or production systems, why? Why do we need three different instances of the same, let's say, SAP ERP system? Well if you are curious about the answers and you want to get a deeper understanding of SAP then keep watching, because in this module, I will convince you about you actually run the SAP GUI on your computer and the SAP ERP itself runs on a separate server. I will also explain why we need this kind of separation. We will also discuss why we need multiple instances of the same, let's say SAP ERP system, and what their purposes are, and how this can ensure that the users are able to develop, test, learn, and run productive business activities at the same time, without hurting each other. First, let's discuss where the SAP runs, namely what is the architecture of the SAP systems in general.

Your First Experiences with SAP GUI
Hey, this is Alex, and now you are watching the next module of SAP: Getting Started called Your First Experiences with SAP GUI. Have you ever been curious about how to log in to an SAP system using your SAP GUI? Or what are the different elements on the screen and what's their purpose? Or how to navigate within the SAP GUI? How to open a new session? How to use the shortcuts to boost up your work within the SAP GUI? Or even how to organize your favorites? If yes, then keep watching, because in this module I will give you a brief introduction of the SAP GUI that will answer all of these questions. As a first step, let me show you how to log in into an SAP system through the SAP GUI.