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Scaffolding Spring Boot and Angular Web Apps with JHipster 4

by Michael Hoffman

This course is designed to teach you the importance of using scaffolding for creating your web application and why JHipster can be an excellent choice to provide this scaffolding.

What you'll learn

Building a new web application with modern tooling has always presented a challenge. You need to address many development concerns like continuous delivery, security and testing; yet, these concerns are often given a lower priority when compared to the development of features. In this course, Scaffolding Spring Boot and Angular Web Apps with JHipster 4, you will see how JHipster addresses these concerns right at the time of project creation, leveraging the popular Angular framework for the client implementation and Spring Boot framework for the server implementation. You will learn how to generate a web application that includes tooling from development build scripts to production docker configurations. Then, you will see how easy it is to add a new feature to the generated project. Finally, you will exercise the configuration and deployment of the application as a production artifact. When you have finished the course, you should have a foundational understanding of what JHipster is providing you so that you can begin using it for the scaffolding on your next web application.

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Course Overview

About the author

Michael is a Principal Architect at NVISIA. He's worked in technology for almost twenty-five years for a variety of clients across several different industries. He has a great passion for teaching and mentoring. His fifteen minutes of fame was reaching bucket number 3 on the Bozo Show. He has a bachelors degree in computer science and information systems from DePaul University and currently resides in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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