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Scala 1 Build Tool: Getting Started

by Harit Himanshu

Working with a stable and reliable build tool to create projects in Scala is extremely important to developer productivity. sbt offers a wide variety of features and extensibility as a build tool that can meet almost any project's requirements.

What you'll learn

This course is well suited for software developers who are working or planning to contribute to a Scala codebase. Scala Build Tool (sbt) is a widely accepted Build Tool in the Scala Ecosystem, and the Scala language codebase itself is built and shipped with sbt. This course, Scala Build Tool: Getting Started, starts from the basics of working with the sbt shell; you'll learn about settings, tasks, scopes, build definition, multi-module builds, plugins, and working with 3rd party libraries. You will explore how to create a project from scratch, and add source files and tests. Next, you will discover how to compile and test your source code. Finally, you'll examine how to open-source your work in this project and deploy the executable API for anyone in the world to use. After taking this course, you will know the ins and outs of sbt, and will be comfortable starting or refactoring the codebases you work with.

About the author

Harit Himanshu is a hands-on software professional with more than a decade of experience in building and shipping products at companies of small to large sizes. He has contributed in various domains such as Advertising, CleanTech, Security, and FinTech. He is passionate about writing clean testable code and prefers being lazy when coding. In his free time, he is found tinkering new technologies, learning new business domains, reading books, cooking, singing and investing his time with his wife o... more

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