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Scala 2 Fundamentals

by Harit Himanshu

Scala is one of the most popular functional programming languages that run on the JVM. This course takes you on a deep dive into Scala concepts such as object-oriented programming, closures, creating control structures, traits, and iImplicits.

What you'll learn

Scala is a great choice to learn and practice both Object-Oriented and Functional programming styles, because it offers a nice blend of both paradigms. In this course, Scala Fundamentals, you'll evolve your understanding of Scala by learning about the new ideas and concepts it offers. You'll start by learning how to write object-oriented code in Scala. Next, you'll dive into the basic types that Scala provides and how you can create your own. You will then examine functions, including function literals, function values, and closures, before exploring how you can create your own Control Structures using the concept of currying. Finally, you’ll learn about Traits and how to create stackable modifications, how to use the reduce and fold concepts of Collections, and about Implicit conversion and all the use cases that the feature has to offer. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to put these techniques into practice in your own Scala applications.

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About the author

Harit Himanshu is a hands-on software professional with more than a decade of experience in building and shipping products at companies of small to large sizes. He has contributed in various domains such as Advertising, CleanTech, Security, and FinTech. He is passionate about writing clean testable code and prefers being lazy when coding. In his free time, he is found tinkering new technologies, learning new business domains, reading books, cooking, singing and investing his time with his wife o... more

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