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Scala Fundamentals: The Type System

by Vikash Sharma

From introducing a simple class to writing a typeclass, this course explains the required concepts to leverage Scala's beautiful static type system. It'll help in achieving code abstraction and enable you to write less code and achieve more.

What you'll learn

Writing software is fun, it gets easier when types drive your software development, this is called Type-driven Development. In this course, Scala Fundamentals: The Type System, you’ll learn to use Scala's extensive type system to write type-safe, easy to understand, abstract and concise code. First, you’ll explore the ways to write constructs like classes, objects, case classes, and traits, which work as types. Then, you’ll learn how to make them generic. Next, you'll discover concepts of type bounds and variance. Finally, you’ll delve into writing typeclasses. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Scala's extensive type system needed to write easy to understand and editor-friendly code.

About the author

Vikash Sharma is a developer, trainer and open source technology evangelist. He has invested a large amount of time learning and implementing Scala code and authored video course for Scala. He has authored a beginner's book on Scala named Learning Scala Programming. He works as a developer at SAP Labs.

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