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Sculpting a Character for Mobile Games

by Jon Mills

This course will teach you the entire sculpting process of a character using ZBrush, from initial mesh creation, asset refining, detailing, and focus on Stylized sculpting techniques and creation methods for translation to a mobile character.

What you'll learn

Characters are an essential part to most games, and their creation process in a fast developing industry, is forever adapting. In this course, Sculpting a Character for Mobile Games, you'll learn how to create a high quality 3D sculpt for a mobile game character. First, you'll explore basic anatomy sculpting, which will be applied to a base mesh, to gain anatomically accurate, but stylized proportions for your character. Next, you'll discover hard surface mesh creation, where you'll create a reference mesh, which you'll retopologize using 3ds Max, to gain a clean mesh to progress with. Finally, you'll learn clothing and asset generation, which you'll create all inside of ZBrush using the character's body mesh. By the end of this course, you'll know the general process for sculpting a character from scratch, with mobile specifications in mind. Software required: ZBrush 4R17, 3ds Max 2015.

About the author

Jon is a 3D artist working in mobile games in the UK. Growing up he was a video game fanatic and was enthralled by worlds he could discover and art he could explore. He loved traditional art whilst at school and eventually found he could turn that to digital tools to create video games. He then went on to study Games art at Hertfordshire University UK, where his love for games grew further. Since then he has been working in the games industry working on a wide range of Mobile titles for the past... more

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