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Security Hot Takes: Critical Infrastructure Advisory-Volt Typhoon

by Matthew Lloyd Davies and Michael Teske

This course discusses how Chinese state-sponsored threat actors gained access to US critical Infrastructure, including energy, transportation, telecommunications and water sectors, and maintained access over several years,

What you'll learn

Cyber threat actors sponsored by the People’s Republic of China, are seeking to pre-position themselves on IT networks for disruptive or destructive cyberattacks against US critical infrastructure in the event of a major crisis or conflict with the United States. In this course, we’ll discuss the tactics, techniques and procedures used by People’s Republic of China state-sponsored actors to gain access to, and maintain persistence on IT networks, and position themselves to be able to disrupt operational technology. We’ll also explore how the threat actors showed exceptional operational security by relying heavily on Living Off The Land techniques, which led to their intrusions going undetected for months, or in some cases, years.

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Critical Infrastructure Advisory-Volt Typhoon
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About the authors

Matt is a cyber security author and researcher here at Pluralsight. A certified penetration tester and incident handler, he created Pluralsight's CompTIA Pentest+ Specialized Attacks courses as well our courses on wireless, ICS/OT and hardware hacking. Matt has also helped to build our security labs portfolio; labs that help you get hands-on to understand the threats and vulnerabilities your organization faces today. With a background in Chemical Engineering, Matt's focus is on the security ... more

Michael Teske is a principal security author with Pluralsight helping people build their skills toolkit. Michael has 25+ years of experience in the IT Ops/Cloud/Cybersecurity industry including 17 of those years as an IT instructor at a technical college, focusing on Microsoft server infrastructure, security and automation. Michael attained his MBA with an emphasis in Computer Information System Security several years ago. Michael still keeps up with the industry as an independent consultant in ... more

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