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Secure Coding: Preventing Broken Access Control

by Gavin Johnson-Lynn

Learn how to protect your code from access control issues. You will gain an understanding of how an attacker might find and attack those vulnerabilities before building defenses into your code.

What you'll learn

Broken access controls can expose information and functionality in your service to unauthorized users and is currently one of the top vulnerabilities found in software. You need to understand those vulnerabilities in order to defend against potential attackers. In this course, Secure Coding: Preventing Broken Access Control, you will gain the ability to protect your code from access control vulnerabilities. First, you will learn to understand vulnerabilities and potential attacks against them. Next, you will discover some of the key principles associated with defensive code. Finally, you will explore how to write clean, readable, defensive code. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to protect your code from access control vulnerabilities.

About the author

Gavin has 20 years’ experience writing software in regulated environments and for global organisations. The last five years of his development career were spent with a focus on security, becoming the security lead for a significant payments project at a FTSE 100 company. He has experience with languages from COBOL to .Net and now often finds those skills useful when developing with Python. Gavin's experience of software security revealed a passion for security, leading him to become a speaker a... more

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