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Securing AWS Infrastructure

by Mark Wilkins

This course will teach you how to secure your hosted AWS infrastructure. You will learn about securing your EC2 instances and how to create additional threat protection layers using managed AWS services to manage and secure your applications.

What you'll learn

Securing AWS infrastructure is an ongoing task, with many moving parts.

In this course, Securing AWS Infrastructure, you’ll find the best methods of securing your hosted applications at AWS.

First, you'll learn the best subnet and IP address types to host your applications, and how to plan out VPC security using route tables, security groups, and Network ACLs.

Next, you’ll discover the roles that redundancy and availability play in application security, looking at load balancing and autoscaling and how they help your applications to remain available.

Finally, you’ll explore the intrusion detection and prevention available at AWS for all customers, specifically how to create threat protection layers with Web Application Firewall, AWS Shield, Shield Advanced, and the AWS Firewall manager. You’ll also see how to protect public-facing resources using CloudFront.

You'll also go through the use of GuardDuty and Amazon Inspector. This course’s content is a mix of lecture and hands-on demos.

When you’re finished with this course, you will understand how to properly secure your infrastructure components at AWS.

About the author

Mark is a former electronic design technologist turned Microsoft and IBM SoftLayer cloud geek spending many years designing deploying and supporting software and hardware technology in the corporate and small business world. As course director for Global Knowledge (GK), Mark developed and taught many technical seminars including Configuring Active Directory Services, Configuring Group Policy, and Cloud and Virtualization Essentials. Mark also developed courseware for the Microsoft Official Cur... more

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