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Securing a GraphQL API with Apollo 3

by Mat Warger

A secure API is an important part of web application development, and with GraphQL it is no different. This course will teach you to create secure Apollo APIs and clients, as well as how to protect against complex queries.

What you'll learn

Securing APIs has always been an important part of web application development, and with GraphQL it is no different. Access control is a critical aspect of your API whether you’re developing for internal or third-party use. In this course, Securing a GraphQL API with Apollo, you’ll learn to implement modern security practices for using GraphQL effectively on the server and client, as well as protection against complex queries specific to GraphQL APIs. First, you’ll explore how authentication is handled for Apollo on both the server and client. Next, you’ll discover how GraphQL can give you fine-grained role-based access for your models, even down to the field level. Finally, you’ll learn about complex queries and how to handle and prevent them. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of how to build modern, secure GraphQL APIs with the Apollo server and client libraries.

About the author

Mat Warger is a senior software consultant in Kansas City. He enjoys learning new concepts and has leveraged this curiosity in positions ranging from startups to the enterprise over the past decade. He is a co-organizer of the JavaScript KC meetup group and organizer of the GraphQLKC meetup group. He can be found chasing the latest and (sometimes) greatest in a wide range of languages and platforms, including React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and the cloud. Find him speaking at a conference near you o... more

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