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Securing a JavaScript REST API with JSON Web Tokens

by Deeksha Sharma

Make your JavaScript REST API robust and secure. This course will teach you how to protect RESTful API endpoints using JSON Web Tokens

What you'll learn

For server side JavaScript applications, securing protected routes and working with authorization is often a challenging task. In this course, Securing a JavaScript REST API with JSON Web Tokens, you’ll learn to use the mechanism of JWT also read as JOT to transfer claims between two parties. First, you’ll explore how to protect the server side REST API endpoints from unauthorized access and data tampering. Next, you’ll discover how servers can generate, sign, send, and validate claims in the JSON Web Tokens. Finally, you’ll learn how to make tradeoffs when storing JWT, security considerations, possible JWT attacks and security best practices to mitigate the risk. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of JWT fundamentals needed to design and ship robust RESTful APIs in the JavaScript ecosystem.

About the author

Deeksha is an independent software developer. She worked with a number of technology companies across 4 countries including India, United States, Canada and New Zealand. She has high attention to detail which has helped her add value in business domains such as Education, Banking, Finance and Open Source Licensing. She is a creator of which is personal finance application to track, manage and analyse expenses. Her all time favourite tech stack includes Java, Node.js, API Security... more

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