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Securing Network Communication with Cisco VPNs

by Martin Brown

Once an organization has selected the right VPN for their needs, someone will need to add the VPN configuration to the router and this is where you come in, however, it's also important to know how it's done and this is where this course comes in.

What you'll learn

Cisco offers a number of different VPN solutions and whilst choosing the correct one based on your requirements is important, it is also very important to know how to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot your chosen VPN solution. In this course, Securing Network Communication with Cisco VPNs, you will learn how to configure four different site-to-site VPNs on Cisco Routers and ASAs. First, you will go through the setup of a basic point to point IPSec VPN. Next, you will move on to configuring full mesh GETVPNs, DMVPNs, and FlexVPNs. When you are finished with course, you will not only be able to understand the process of configuring VPNs in order to protect sensitive data that may be traversing across most types of network, but you will also have the skills and knowledge to use relevant show commands and debugs in order to troubleshoot issues with your site to site VPN.

About the author

Martin's IT career goes back to 1993 and while he was involved with Apple Macintosh computers, and had the pleasure of using DEC VAX terminals. Back then, hand held literally meant picking the terminal up by it's carry handle to move it to the other side of the desk and touch screen meant getting a static shock. Of course, the world has moved on a great deal since then and Martin is proud to be at the cutting edge of network and internetwork technology, working with devices from Cisco, F5, Chec... more

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