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Security Compliance: ISO 27001

by Richard Harpur

This course teaches you how to certify your organization to the ISO 27001:2022 security standard.

What you'll learn

Organizational security is top of mind these days. In this course, Security Compliance: ISO 27001, you’ll learn how to get your organization certified to the international security standard ISO 27001:2022. First, you’ll learn what ISO 27001 standard is and how to download the official standard document. Next, you’ll discover how the certification process works, including Stage 1, Stage 2 and surveillance audits. Finally, you’ll learn what security requirements are necessary to achieve compliance with the ISO standard. You will also learn how to utilize the ISO 27002 implementation guidance document to help you with your ISO project. Note: If you are looking for coverage regarding the 2013 version of ISO 27001, see the course "ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security: The Big Picture"

About the author

Richard is a highly experienced technology leader with a remarkable career ranging from software development, project management through to C-level roles as CEO, CIO, and CISO. Richard is highly rated and ranked in Ireland's top 100 CIOs. As an author for Pluralsight - a leader in online training for technology professionals - Richard's courses are highly-rated in the Pluralsight library and focus on teaching critical skills in cybersecurity including ISO27001 and Ransomware. As a Certified Info... more

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