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January 15, 2018
56m 53s

Instilling a security first mindset that permeates across everything that you do within your organization is vitally important in today's world. In this course, Creating a Security-centric Culture, you will learn how to think "security first" from the top down and why it is so important. First, you will delve into unifying security and development teams to cohesively work together towards a common set of goals. Next, you will gain an understanding of the need to know your audience and how that shapes those that need to be trained. Finally, you will learn the importance of making security a quality metric within your organization. By the end of this course, you will have taken the first step in driving a security-centric culture from the top, down.

About the author
About the author

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. He's a regular conference speaker, frequent blogger at and is the creator of the data breach notification service known as “Have I Been Pwned”.

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