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Security Framework: NIST CSF

by Mike Woolard

This course will teach you about the NIST CSF. The controls at the core provide a set of best practices, and the tiers allow you to set the level you intend to implement the controls. This all adds up to a profile detailing how secure you can be.

What you'll learn

All organizations, big and small, need to secure themselves, but it is a task that is easier said than done. In this course, Security Framework: NIST CSF, you’ll learn the basics of the framework and how to apply it to your business. First, you’ll explore the core controls. Next, we’ll talk through the different levels, or tiers, you can implement the controls. Finally, you’ll learn how the controls you selected to implement, to what tier you implemented them, makes up the profile of your organization. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the NIST CSF needed to implement a security program at your organization.

About the author

Mike is an information security manager who has worked in the IT and Information Security fields for 22+ years. A broad background from helpdesk to sysadmin, system engineer, networking, DB and development work. Most of Mike's work now centers around pentests and risk assessments, but an integral part will always be awareness training. An active member in various local security groups, Mike volunteers, speaks, or attends various information security cons.

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