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Network Protocols for Security: TCP and UDP

by Brandon DeVault

This course will teach you to practice creating network traffic and inspecting transport protocols. When you’re finished, you’ll have a fundamental understanding on how to find anomalies within TCP and UDP.

What you'll learn

Understanding how network protocols operate is an implied skill required to be successful in cyber security. In this course, Network Protocols for Security: TCP and UDP, you’ll learn to analyze TCP and UDP network traffic. First, you’ll explore creating normal network traffic for inspection. Next, you’ll discover the details within TCP flags and ports. Finally, you’ll learn how to sift through a malicious traffic example. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of TCP and UDP needed to find anomalies and malicious activity amongst network traffic.

About the author

Brandon DeVault is an Sr. Security Author focusing on general blue team operations, incident response, and threat hunting at Pluralsight. He is also a member of the Florida Air National Guard and works as a threat hunter on a Mission Defense Team (MDT) defending North America’s air tracks. Prior to joining Pluralsight, Brandon worked with Elastic as an Education Architect creating and delivering security content. He also worked with Special Operations Command where he had two deployments to Af... more

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