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Server Rendering React 16 Components

by Daniel Stern

React is one of the most efficient tools for building server-rendered applications. This course will teach you everything necessary for server rendering applications, including scaffolding the application, compiling React, and rehydration.

What you'll learn

When users access our applications, a fast, seamless experience can be the difference between a big sale and an unsatisfied customer. In this course, Server Rendering React Components, you'll gain the skills you need to create high-performance and professional applications that integrate both client and server. First, you'll learn about the server rendering workflow and create a scaffold with Babel and Webpack. Next, you'll build a client application with React and add interactivity. Finally, you'll use Express to render the application on the server and deliver a seamless user experience. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a broad range of React, Express, and server-rendering skills you can apply to both personal projects and full-scale enterprise applications.

About the author

Daniel Stern is a coder, web developer and programming enthusiast from Toronto, Ontario, where he works as a freelance developer and designer. Daniel has been working with web technologies since the days of the dial-up, and is especially keen on JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React and TypeScript. Over the course of his work as an open-source developer, he's created many community-standards web tools including Angular Audio and Range.CSS. His tool, Range.CSS, was featured in a guest article on CSS-T... more

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