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Serverless Computing: The Big Picture

by Richard Seroter

Serverless gets framed as the "next big thing" but it's more than hype. Rather, it's the first cloud-native computing paradigm and may change how you build software. This course explains the technology and patterns you need to know to be successful.

What you'll learn

What is serverless computing and how can you use it effectively to build software? In this course, Serverless Computing: The Big Picture, you will learn the foundational knowledge needed to architect serverless systems. First, you will discover what it means to be serverless, and how it compares to traditional software development. Next, you will explore the most important platforms and technologies for delivering serverless solutions. Finally, you will see examples of serverless architectures that you can implement. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge needed to start designing serverless systems.

About the author

Richard Seroter is currently the Chief Evangelist at Google Cloud and leads the Developer Relations program. He's also an instructor at Pluralsight, a frequent public speaker, the author of multiple books on software design and development, and a former editor plus former 12-time Microsoft MVP for cloud. As Chief Evangelist at Google Cloud, Richard leads the team of developer advocates, developer engineers, outbound product managers, and technical writers who ensure that people find, u... more

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