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Service Design Conduct Interviews

by Oghenevovwero Enyoyi

This course will teach you how to get into the mind of the customer to understand their needs and help carve out the best journey and experience for them using a very efficient research method.

What you'll learn

As a product person or even a business, the goal is to continuously understand your customer. In this course, Service Design Conduct Interviews, you will learn how to understand the customer, their needs, desires, motivations; helping carve out the best journey and experience for them. First, you will explore an overview of “what” and “why” service design. Next, you will discover the specific kinds of interviews and how best to carry them out. Finally, you will learn how to make sense of all the data you have gathered also seeing case studies. When you are finished with this course, service design conducting interviews as a research method will be second nature to you and in turn you will be able to give your customers the best experience and journey they could ask for.

About the author

Vovwe Enyoyi is currently the Lead Product Manager at Credo, Africa's first social payment platform and also a Founding Mentor at ProductDojo, a product, and business development venture that advocates true-to-form practice of innovation and product management. He believes strongly in agile principles and the role they play in building great products. Leadership, teamwork, communication, stakeholder management, fast paced learning, and execution are the skills rank high for him. He is committed ... more

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