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Service Design Service Blueprints

by Gerry Scullion

This course will teach you both the theory and the application of how to complete a service blueprint

What you'll learn

Blueprinting is the trojan horses of methods to help open the mindset of service design thinking and doing within organizations. In this course, Service Design Service Blueprints, you’ll learn to how to complete a blueprint with confidence. First, you’ll explore how to complete a journey map.. Next, you’ll discover how to map the interactions that are happen in the backstage to serve the frontstage. Finally, you’ll learn how to complete a blueprint.. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of a service designer needed to conduct and complete the creation of service blueprints.

About the author

Gerry Scullion is CEO of This is Doing and also Founder of This is HCD, global design community alongside the #1 human-centered design podcast on the internet. and This is HCD includes a large international design focussed newsletter, 10+ podcasts on topics to enable change, an international Slack community, 12+ global community chapters around the world with over 10,000 change makers (people using Design to create a better world). He has over 19-years pro... more

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