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Service Design Strategy Workshops

by Doru Catana

This course will teach you how to effectively run strategy workshops and go from ideas to their successful implementation.

What you'll learn

Do you often get stuck when planning and strategizing? Are the ideas your meeting generates bland and ineffective? Is there no energy or strong contribution from your team? In this course, Service Design Strategy Workshops, you’ll learn to effectively run strategy workshops. First, you’ll explore the communication requirements needed to have proactive participation from your team. Next, you’ll discover the format and structure aspects of such meetings. Then, you'll address the actual focus of these workshops by looking at everything from idea generation, decision making methods, and tools, to validation of ideas. Finally, you’ll learn how to follow-up on all the theory-crafting and put things into action. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to run strategy workshops and create, validate, and successfully implement plans and ideas vital to your organization's growth and effectiveness.

About the author

Audacious Leap, the digital marketing agency I founded has created and run hundreds of projects in dozens of industries ranging from notebook manufacturers in Australia, to bikes in Dublin Ireland, iOS apps and lawyers in Canada, real estate & stationery in the US, tennis supplements in France and business consulting in the Netherlands, I decided to share my experience from both successful and not-so-successful campaigns in the form of a series of marketing courses. All my courses are based on e... more

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