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Automating Service Provider Networks with Model-driven Programmability

by Nick Russo

Service provider automation attempts to address two main objectives: rapidly provisioning new customer services and closely monitoring the network's behavior. Both require reliable and scalable automation solutions; these are taught in this course.

What you'll learn

These days almost every network relies on some kind of automation, and service providers are no different. In this course, Automating Service Provider Networks with Model-driven Programmability, you'll learn the fundamentals of model-driven programmability, including YANG and its associated tooling. First, you'll leverage NETCONF and RESTCONF to configure various monitoring features on network devices, such as NetFlow and SNMP, inside of Python scripts. Next, you'll explore Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO), using it to configure gRPC-based model-driven telemetry. This telemetry data is then collected by a centralized system for viewing and archival by network administrators. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills necessary to design and implement various network automation solutions in service provider environments.

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About the author

Nicholas (Nick) Russo, CCDE #20160041 and CCIE #42518, is an internationally recognized expert in IP/MPLS networking and design. To grow his skillset, Nick has been focused advancing Network DevOps via automation for his clients. Recently, Nick has been sharing his knowledge through online video training and speaking at industry conferences. Nick also holds a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Nick lives in Maryland, USA with his wife, Car... more

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