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Constructing ServiceNow Homepages

by Shubham Sinha

This course will teach you how to configure different homepages for different business requirements.

What you'll learn

This course is about creating homepages which are being used by agents or managers to check everything at one place. It provides a big business value since it provides a visual aid to business. In this course, Constructing ServiceNow Homepages, you’ll learn to create a global homepage for everyone or a user specific homepage. First, you’ll explore configuring the homepage. Next, you’ll discover how to secure them. Finally, you’ll learn how to create some custom widgets. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of configuring secure homepages needed to accommodate different business needs.

About the author

Shubham Sinha has been a developer for 3 years now and has been working on design and development on the ServiceNow platform. He is well acquainted with the multi-tenant and multi-instance architecture on which the ServiceNow platform primarily works. He has worked on projects including service portals, workspace, business processes, performance analytics, reporting, and he is very well versed with core platform features. To understand ServiceNow, he built it from scratch with core technology t... more

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