Expanded Library

Creating ServiceNow Knowledge Bases

by Shubham Sinha

This course will teach you how to create knowledge articles in a way that can help users with information, troubleshooting, or task resolution.

What you'll learn

ServiceNow helps in creating a self-serve customer service library that contains information about a product, service, or topic for a wide variety of customers. In this course, Creating ServiceNow Knowledge Bases, you’ll learn to create, categorize, review, and approve articles. First, you’ll explore how to create a ServiceNow article, and the standard ways of creating them. Next, you’ll discover how to categorize them using knowledge bases and categories. Finally, you’ll learn how to get them reviewed and approved if needed, and how to get feedback on them in a live environment. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll know the processes for creating, categorizing, reviewing, and approving articles needed to streamline the process of knowledge management so that it can be simple and useful.

About the author

Shubham Sinha has been a developer for 3 years now and has been working on design and development on the ServiceNow platform. He is well acquainted with the multi-tenant and multi-instance architecture on which the ServiceNow platform primarily works. He has worked on projects including service portals, workspace, business processes, performance analytics, reporting, and he is very well versed with core platform features. To understand ServiceNow, he built it from scratch with core technology t... more

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