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Serving as a Project Leader

by Casey Ayers

Organizations increasingly rely on projects to generate value, while emerging methodologies question how project work gets done. This course explores how an adaptive mindset and servant approach help project leaders succeed in any environment.

What you'll learn

What does it mean to be a project leader today? Projects are increasingly critical to organizations, but emergent methodologies are simultaneously changing how project teams perform. The role of project leader is paradoxically more important but also less defined than ever before. In this course, Serving as a Project Leader, you'll explore how an adaptive mindset and understanding of servant leadership can help project leaders succeed in any environment. First, you’ll learn how project teams deliver value to organizations, and how leadership efforts should be focused on facilitating this journey. Next, you’ll explore how assessment skills and an understanding of project team member skills and attributes can be combined with an understanding of project objectives to form a tailored leadership approach. Finally, you’ll discover how leaders may adapt their skills to agile initiatives that are typically more self-governing in nature than traditional projects may be. By the end of this course, you’ll understand the role of leaders within project initiatives, and how you can shape your approach to best fit your team, your mission, and your environment to facilitate success.

About the author

Casey is an entrepreneurial leader with experience managing projects, analyzing challenges, and designing solutions in healthcare, mobile, digital media, online learning, and more. His Pluralsight courses have helped nearly 1,000,000 professionals gain the skills they need to tackle new challenges and earn globally-recognized certifications, including PMP, CBAP, CAPM, PMI-ACP, CompTIA Project+, ICAgile, and more.

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