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SharePoint Conference '19: Getting Started with SharePoint Teams Sites

by SharePoint Conference

Getting Started with SharePoint Teams Sites: Tejas Mehta, Miceile Barrett.

What you'll learn

You've been given the keys to a shiny, new SharePoint team site - now what? This session will cover everything from creating your site, getting full value of the home page, managing your site, seeing the value of integrated Office 365 group-connected apps (Microsoft Teams, Planner, Outlook, and more), using core features like SharePoint lists and libraries, to building your own apps with simple configuration of pages and web parts - plus PowerApps and Flow. The goal is to enable use from day one. Expect this to be demo rich and for the beginner-to-intermediate person. Loads of value of how you can use SharePoint in your every day collaboration.

Table of contents

Getting Started with SharePoint Teams Sites

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