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Advanced Sharing and Visibility Features in Salesforce

by Mehdi Maujood

Sharing and Visibility in Salesforce is a complex subject. This course will take you under the hood exploring sharing calculations, Apex managed sharing, manager group sharing and more.

What you'll learn

A deep knowledge of advanced features, and the ability to deal with potential sharing pitfalls can really set you apart as an admin, developer, or architect. In this course, Advanced Sharing and Visibility Features in Salesforce, you’ll learn to utilize hidden but powerful features to meet advanced sharing needs. First, you’ll explore the hidden secrets of how sharing works beneath the surface and how you can apply that knowledge to your orgs. Next, you’ll discover how you can meet almost any kind of business requirement through Apex sharing. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Manager Group Sharing and how it differs from the row hierarchy. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to handle complex sharing and visibility needs and considerations in Salesforce.

About the author

Mehdi loves building software. He also loves teaching. That is why he's super stoked about being a part of Pluralsight! He began his career writing software for companies like Toyota, Lamborghini and Nestle. He fell in love with JavaScript and .NET during this time (and also fell in love with his now wife and her dog) and later also worked extensively with Salesforce. Today, he enjoys being part of some of the most exciting Salesforce implementations in the world.

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