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Application Building Patterns with AngularJS

by Rob Conery

In this production we build an application with AngularJS: rebuilding Congo (our MongoDB explorer that we built with BackboneJS for our Backbone series) - but this time we use AngularJS. The goal of this production is to move quickly beyond "fun demos" and into the weeds, encountering issues/solutions that you will have to face when working with Angular on a daily basis.

What you'll learn

Our focus is building an application. This means we're going to be less conceptual (as you might find with typical training approaches) and more pragmatic: what we need to know and do to get the job done. The code for this course is located at

About the author

Rob Conery co-founded Tekpub and created This Developer's Life. He is an author, speaker, and sometimes a little bit opinionated.

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