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SignalR Across Web and Devices

by Samidip Basu

Want to build apps with multi-user real-time interactive features? Join me as we dive into SignalR in the One ASP.NET stack for building real-time web applications, as well as client mobile apps. Lots of fun ahead!

What you'll learn

SignalR is a very cool piece of technology in the One ASP.NET stack that provides asynchronous signaling libraries for building real-time, multi-user interactive applications connecting disparate systems. We start slow by understanding the need for real-time apps and existing technologies, before unpacking SignalR in all its glory. We take a look at SignalR usage in building real-time connected web applications, before turning to client mobile apps. Windows Phone, Windows 8, HTML5, iOS and Android - all join the fun. Locations apps, Mapping, Chat, Live Game Scores, Object syncs - you name it, we got you covered with real-time apps! Come join me in this course as we explore some of these new real-time opportunities through demos and detailed code samples.

About the author

Samidip Basu is a technologist, author, speaker, gadget-lover and Senior Software Trainer for Telerik. With a strong developer background in Microsoft technology stack, he now spends much of his time evangelizing Windows 8/ Windows Phone platforms & cloud-supported mobile solutions in general. He passionately helps run The Windows Developer User Group, labors in the M3 Conf organization, serves as INETA Secretary, and can be found with at least a couple of hobbyist projects at any time. His spar... more

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