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Simulating a Shattering Light Bulb in Maya

by Pankaj Malik

In this series of lessons we will explore Maya dynamics. Software required: Maya 2014.

What you'll learn

In this series of lessons we will explore Maya dynamics. We will be studying the incandescent bulb and discussing the characteristics of its important element called 'Tungsten Filament.' We also explore the next generation plugin for destruction called DMM or Digital Molecular Matter. We'll cover deeper insights of nucleus dynamics by creating secondary chunks of particles and destructive momentum to filament with the help of the n-hair system. The last, but most important section is the release of wispy smoke which we simulate with Maya fluids. This tutorial is an eye opener for serious, aspiring students and will also help give a new dimension to seasoned Maya artists and their work. Software required: Maya 2014.

About the author

Pankaj Malik is a Senior Instructor of VFX. He has seven years experience teaching and training students. He loves to explore the ocean of Maya commands and recently updated to the world of Digital Sculpting. He is a modeler, texturing, and lighting artist and a self taught dynamics artist. He is an Autodesk Certified Professional of Maya and 3ds Max and Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop. He has made five short 3D commercial films and two VFX movies. He believes in great knowledge sharing a... more

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