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Jun 4, 2015
2h 56m

In this Maya and NUKE tutorial, we'll create a character made out of smoke and energy using Maya Fluids. We'll begin by covering the fundamentals of working with fast-moving fluids and move on to creating several fluid passes of our motion-captured character. We'll then set up unique render passes, which will be used inside of NUKE to create numerous final composites, including versions that have thick, viscous smoke as well as wispy smoke, with light and energy emanating from them. By the end of this Maya and NUKE training, you'll have the knowledge to work with fast-moving fluids and the ability to create a very flexible compositing pipeline for fluids inside of NUKE. Software required: Maya 2015, NUKE 9.

About the author
About the author

Peter is a CGI artist with many years of experience in the Film, Animation, and Video Game Industries.

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