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Using SkyDrive for Collaboration, Communication and Cloud Storage

by Patrick Neborg

An overview of SkyDrive features to provide a cloud based tool suite for online collaboration and communication.

What you'll learn

SkyDrive has commonly been viewed as online file and photo storage mechanism. In this course, we will learn about SkyDrive’s newly released features to support collaboration of code files (CMD, CSS, HTML, and Javascript) which include code completion (autocomplete) and hovering code hints. Also, provided are change compare features (Diff). Additionally, we will create a Asp.Net 4.0 MVC solution that utilizes SkyDrive’s api for its backend cloud based data storage to integrate SkyDrive file uploading and downloading with your web applications.

About the author

Patrick has over 20 years experience implementing SOA solutions that utilize both web and desktop clients primarily using Microsoft's development technology stack. Currently, he utilizes C# and JScript along with T-SQL/LINQ and has previously worked extensively with other technologies such as VB.NET and WCF. In addition to implementing client specified solutions, Patrick implements Agile process based solutions utilizing Team Foundation Server (TFS). Over time he has taken on various technical ... more

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