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Snowflake Cloud Data Platform: Getting Started

by Warner Chaves

Snowflake is a fully managed petabyte-scale data platform solution, compatible across the three main cloud providers: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This course covers the concepts, design principles, and tools to help begin adoption.

What you'll learn

The power of cloud storage and compute power has made data warehousing and big data possible for businesses of all sizes. What was once a large capital expenditure and multi-year implementation can now be deployed and ready to use within minutes, allowing any organization to collect, query, and discover insights from their structured and unstructured data sources. With a multi-cloud compatible (AWS, GCP, Azure) and cloud-first development approach, the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform can fit transparently into your business data strategy and leverage already existing and familiar development and management skills - all while providing massive scale, near-zero maintenance and one single source of truth.

In this course, Snowflake Cloud Data Platform: Getting Started, you'll learn foundational knowledge of designing and managing your Snowflake databases.

First, you'll learn Snowflake’s value proposition and service model.

Next, you'll design your first schema and load data into it using the different product tools.

Finally, you'll execute queries, track their execution, and monitor your warehouse performance.

When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to start your Snowflake Cloud Data Platform journey.

About the author

Warner is a SQL Server Certified Master, MVP, and Solutions Architect at Pythian, a global Canada-based company specializing in data and infrastructure services. A brief stint in .NET programming led to his early DBA formation, working for enterprise customers in Hewlett-Packard's ITO organization. From HP he transitioned to his current position at Pythian, managing multiple clients of different sizes and industries. He leads a highly-talented team of data professionals that keep things running ... more

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