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5 Steps to Salesforce DevOps Enlightenment

by Snowforce

Snowforce 2020 | 5 Steps to Salesforce DevOps Enlightenment | Brad Benz and Tyler LeBlanc

What you'll learn

Find your path to Salesforce DevOps Enlightenment with Copado. Eliminate the challenges of releasing features on the Salesforce Platform and unleash the potential of your implementation by following these 5 DevOps best practices.

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5 Steps to Salesforce DevOps Enlightenment

About the author

Snowforce is held each year in Salt Lake City, UT and with over 600 Trailblazer attendees, is one of the largest community led Salesforce conferences in the world. Attendees go to catch up on the latest product trends, learn about creative solutions being built by the most innovative companies, and hear from inspiring industry leaders. Snowforce features 5 learning tracks, a large collection of strategic partners and app providers.

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