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Real World SOA: Analysis and Design

by Mohamad Halabi

This course will take a practical approach to teach you what SOA truly is, what problem it is intended to solve, when it is a fit for an organization, and how to implement it correctly.

What you'll learn

Most current SOA publications suffer from two main problems: being too technical oriented right from the start, and taking too much of a theoretical approach. This course, Real World SOA: Analysis and Design, tackles both problems and it will help make you understand the business behind SOA before it jumps into technology. First, you will learn by seeing a real life business case, and learn about the real life problems and solutions. Next, you'll learn about the fundamentals of SOA, including architecture, services, service types, reuse, and composition. Finally, you'll learn about the importance of designing a common semantic model for all SOA services. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the tools needed to implement the "correct SOA".

Table of contents

Pause and Recap
Pause and Recap - Part 2

About the author

Mohamad is a solution architect, based in Sydney, currently working for MuleSoft/Salesforce. He's an 8 time Microsoft MVP, Ex-Oracle, and holds a Masters degree in Enterprise Architecture.

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