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SOLIDWORKS - Advanced Mates

by Tim Strange

SOLIDWORKS is the leading 3D CAD software. This course will help you learn how to use the Advanced and Mechanical mates to efficiently create assemblies. Software required: SOLIDWORKS (2016 Preferred).

What you'll learn

Have you ever had an assembly that you need to line things up and control movement? This course, SOLIDWORKS - Advanced Mates, will help you learn to use all the more advanced and mechanical mates. You will learn how the mechanical mates simulate real world interactions between moving parts, and you will get to see your design in action. You'll also see how limit mates for distance/angle will allow for controlled movement with ease. When you're finished with this course, you'll not only know how to use these mates, but you will know when to use these mates to control your assemblies for real life solutions to complicated assemblies. Software required: SOLIDWORKS (2016 Preferred).

About the author

As an Applications Engineer, Tim Strange provides top notch training and support for GoEngineer. With his expertise in design, he provides understanding and knowledge for SOLIDWORKS users, beginners to experts. Every client has their own unique issues, and he eagerly works with them to provide a resolution. Tim was previously with Progression Technologies for 9 years in a similar role, adding to his wealth of experience with SOLIDWORKS.

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