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SOLIDWORKS Essentials - Designing Molded & Casted Parts

by Tandy Banks

Learn to create geometry in SOLIDWORKS for molded, cast, or forged part designs. Software required: SOLIDWORKS 2016.

What you'll learn

Using SOLIDWORKS, we will look at the features and geometry we use to create effective tapered and thin part designs. We will start with a house plan and show how we can use draft while extruding to create a complex roof design. Then, starting with a chunky, solid block style prototype we will start to develop a casting design that can be used in a mass production scenario. Software required: SOLIDWORKS 2016.

About the author

Over the last 18 years, Tandy has worked with and around some great manufacturers. His roles include, contributing to product design teams, project management, and process improvement. In addition to working with manufacturing groups, he gets to collaborate with vendors and engineering teams to meet business goals and improve efficiency. Tandy's well-rounded experience allows for a broad vision to develop strategic solutions for the entire organization.

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