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SOLIDWORKS Essentials - Sheet Metal 101

by Mike Thomas

This course introduces you to sheet metal within SOLIDWORKS, including how to build sheet metal components, working with the flat pattern, and documenting your designs with the SOLIDWORKS drawing environment.

What you'll learn

The forming of sheets of metal into components is a key manufacturing process for many industries. SOLIDWORKS includes tools for the creation, development, management, and documentation of Sheet Metal components. In this course, SOLIDWORKS Essentials - Sheet Metal 101, you will learn how to use these tools. First, you will build sheet metal components from scratch and see how to convert existing models into fully functioning sheet metal components. Next, you'll use the Sheet Metal Parameters to manage the model sizing and bending criteria of the model. Further development of your models includes adding secondary features with like edge, curved, and miter flanges. Finally, you'll use the Sheet Metal Drawing environment to fully detail your sheet metal models for manufacturing. After finishing this course, you'll be ready to use a significant number of SOLIDWORKS tools and features for the design and documentation of sheet metal components.

About the author

Mike spent the first part of his career working for an Autodesk reseller. During his travels, he delivered countless hours of training, support, demos, and implementations. Now he is the Technical Services Manager for a mining equipment manufacturer. Mike is responsible for overseeing the company's technical operations and the strategic technical growth. His primary duties include the ongoing support of critical computer systems & programs and the interactions between departments. In his spare t... more

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