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SOLIDWORKS Essentials - Simulation XPress

by Tony Riggs

Learn to use the part level stress analysis tool in SOLIDWORKS to simulate how your model will react to real world loads and restraints, and how to use the results from the tool to refine design decisions before going to manufacturing. Software required: SOLIDWORKS.

What you'll learn

This course explores the part level stress analysis tool that is in every seat of SOLIDWORKS. This tool can simulate how a model will react to read world loads and restraints and give you results you can use to guide design decisions about loads, materials, and the model itself. Will something bend? Will it break? Can you save weight or does it need to be thicker? Wouldn't it be great to know this before going into manufacturing or have a failure? This course will show you the steps to analyze the handle on a valve assembly and go from model to results. Software required: SOLIDWORKS.

About the author

As an Elite Applications Engineer at GoEngineer, Tony Riggs specializes in SOLIDWORKS and rapid prototyping. He is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert as well as a Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor. His duties include training, technical support and product demonstrations of SOLIDWORKS and several other products that we carry. Prior to this position he worked as a Mechanical Engineer at FlightSafety International where he helped with the design of flight simulators. He has been using SOLIDWORKS for over... more

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