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Creating Functional Threads in SOLIDWORKS

by Adam Snow

If your threaded part needs to fit with another threaded component, this course will help you prevent costly, time consuming mistakes. The course is focused on SOLIDWORKS, but the methods and references used apply to any CAD program. Software required: SOLIDWORKS 2016.

What you'll learn

Having confidence that generating threaded components that will fit with other threaded components can be challenging. In this course, Creating Functional Threads in SOLIDWORKS, you'll see what steps you can take to gain that confidence. First, you'll see some specifications and definitions of thread standards. Next, you will learn to use reference data and tables to create threaded CAD models. Then, you'll learn ways to finish the ends of your thread and how to inspect the model. After this course, you'll know where to locate thread specifications and how to build a threaded model that is ready to be built as a physical part. Software required: SOLIDWORKS 2016.

About the author

Adam taught himself how to use SOLIDWORKS to improve the quality of the genetic research containment systems he was building at the time. Since then, Adam has continuously improved his skills as both a user and teacher by becoming certified by SOLIDWORKS to provide technical support and act as an instructor. In this capacity, he has helped thousands of students learn SOLIDWORKS skills, and resolve their technical issues with the software and their projects. Adam now works for a rapid prototyping... more

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