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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Nonlinear

by Arvind Sivarama Krishnan

In this course, you'll learn how to setup and run a Nonlinear Analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation to accurately simulate large deformations, plastics, rubber, and multiple contact faces. Required software: SOLIDWORKS with Simulation Premium.

What you'll learn

Using Nonlinear Analysis can give you a more accurate representation of your design when compared to a Linear Static Analysis. In this course, SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Nonlinear, you'll learn how to accurately simulate structural design problems using a Nonlinear FEA Analysis available with SOLIDWORKS Simulation. First, you'll learn about the distinction between a linear and a nonlinear analysis. Next, you'll discover the definition of advanced materials and explore new loading options. Finally, you'll learn about additional post processing options to find critical areas of your design in a more accurate manner. After watching this course, you will be equipped to setup and run a Nonlinear Analysis to simulate structural design issues before testing. Required software: SOLIDWORKS with Simulation Premium.

About the author

Arvind Krishnan works at GoEngineer with a focus on 3D Printing and Analysis tools. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering. After completing his undergraduate degree from University of Texas at Arlington, he worked at GoEngineer as a Simulation Technical Support Engineer. Following this, he moved to Raleigh and got his graduate degree from North Carolina State University. His research focused on the convergence Structural Optimization, Finite Element Analysis and Additive Manufacturing me... more

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