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SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Save Time with Simplification Methods

by Shivani Patel

SOLIDWORKS Simulation solutions can be a regular part of your design reducing the need for costly prototypes, and eliminating rework and delays. This course will provide the knowledge of those techniques, such as model simplification. Software required: SOLIDWORKS.

What you'll learn

When using structural simulation, designers and engineers primarily determine the strength and stiffness of a product by reporting component stress and deformation. There are three segments involved in producing outputs that can be used in your design process, pre-processing, calculation time, and post-processing. In this course, SOLIDWORKS Simulation - Save Time with Simplification Methods, you'll be introduced to five major techniques to reduce your calculation time. First, you'll learn symmetry methods whether through modeling or through simulation, and how to use 3D and 2D symmetry restraints. Next, you'll cover contact conditions, hardware considerations, mesh types, and solver choices while comparing solve times for each scenario. This will provide you with useful metrics going forward. Additionally, you'll explore the pre- and post-processing segments, and make those segments more efficient. The aim is to reduce time spent while mouse tracking. Finally, you'll see SOLIDWORKS CAD tools that are very useful when applied to simulation setup. By the end of this course, you'll know the top five ways to reduce your calculation time, and efficiency techniques to speed up your pre- and post-processing time. Software required: SOLIDWORKS.

About the author

Shivani Patel is an is an Application Engineer at GoEngineer, a unique business partner for engineering, manufacturing, and product design companies looking to innovate and stay competitive. An aerospace Engineer by trade, she has six years of CAD experience. At GoEngineer, she is an elite-level SOLIDWORKS and Simulation instructor, technical support engineer, and on-site application engineer for Texas’ SOLIDWORKS users. She is a certified expert in SOLIDWORKS, and its FEA, CFD, and Injection Mo... more

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